Pl@ntNet offline/embedded: identify plants anywhere without connection

The Pl@ntNet team is very proud to announce the release of its mobile plant identification application in offline mode. You will now be able to identify plants anywhere in the world even when the network connection is bad or completely missing.

In order to enable this new feature, you first need to download the embedded identification model on your phone. This is done very simply in the mobile application itself, as shown in the screenshots. You can also choose to download species-related data such as common names or illustrative images. This will allow the offline mode to be closer to the connected version although necessarily more limited. 

The embedded identification model is a compressed version of the complete Pl@ntNet model working on our servers. This compression leads to a slight loss in the quality of the identification, but this is only of the order of a few percent according to the evaluations that we conducted. However, your feedback from the field will be extremely valuable in enabling us to better measure the strengths and limitations of this new mode of operation*. 

After finding a stable connection, you will be able to benefit again from all the connected features of Pl@ntNet, for example sharing your observations with the community or re-identifying them with the complete identification engine. 

Floristically yours,

The Pl@ntNet team

* You can give us your feedback via the contact page of Pl@ntNet

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