Your Pl@ntNet data integrated into GBIF

The most reliable observations from Pl@ntNet are now integrated into the GBIF international database. The GBIF-Global Biodiversity Information Facility-is an international network and research infrastructure funded by the world’s governments to provide free and open access to data on all life on Earth to everyone everywhere. The publication of Pl@ntNet data on this infrastructure will enable researchers around the world to use it to conduct research in ecology, agronomy or biodiversity conservation. The impact of climate change on the distribution of plant species, the study of the spread of invasive alien species or the interaction of plants with pollinators are all research topics for which Pl@ntNet data will help to make a step forward.

Only Pl@ntNet observations considered to be the most reliable from the point of view of species identification are shared on the GBIF platform. This mainly concerns two types of observations, on the one hand the observations shared and validated by the community (visible here) and on the other hand the identification requests for which the automatic recognition algorithm has a sufficiently high confidence (visible here). The observations shared by the community are published with the associated images under a creative common cc-by-sa license (visible author name). For identification requests, on the other hand, only the position and the name of the plant are shared, without any other personal information.

This great contribution to science is the result of the involvement of all Pl@ntNet users, whether you are simple occasional users or fervent contributors and curators of data. Many thanks to all of you!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No° 863463 (Cos4Cloud project).

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