A new donation campaign to allow Pl@ntNet to continue the adventure!


Pl@ntNet, more than just a mobile application, is a major participatory science project enabling scientists from around the world to better understand plant biodiversity and to study the best ways to preserve it. In recent months, in particular, the most reliable PlantNet observations have been integrated into the database of the GBIF, an intergovernmental research network whose goal is to provide free access to data on all forms of life on Earth to everyone and everywhere (more information in the news section of the Pl@ntNet site). This great contribution to science is the result of the involvement of all Pl@ntNet users, whether you are simple occasional users or fervent contributors and curators of data. Many thanks to all of you!

More broadly, Pl@ntNet is a wonderful human and educational adventure. The education of the youngest and lifelong learning are powerful levers to reinforce the consideration of biodiversity in all human activities. They allow both to bring the subject up to the concerns of citizens, but also to encourage everyone to act, in their professional field and in their personal life. We are very proud that Pl@ntNet is being used by more and more teachers at all levels and by a growing number of actors in agro-ecology who are using it to identify crop auxiliaries, invasive species or plants that are bio-indicators of soil quality.

The flip side of the coin is that the strong growth in the number of Pl@ntNet users is leading to ever-increasing IT infrastructure costs, which our limited funding cannot cover.

Making PlantNet a commercial application would be an easy solution, but we, like you no doubt, want to preserve the financial independence and openness of this wonderful project to as many people as possible.

Calling on your solidarity seems to us to be the solution for the perpetuation of PlantNet most in line with our principles. This year we are therefore launching a new campaign to collect donations.  

Last year’s campaign allowed us to guarantee the operation of the application until spring 2021 and we were able to develop new features such as the cartographic visualization of the observations of a species in the web version of Pl@ntNet. If we raise enough funds this year, we will be able to sustain the infrastructure for another year or two and develop an offline version of the application which we know is eagerly awaited by many of you.

Help us to continue this educational, scientific and societal adventure in complete freedom. To make a donation go to https://plantnet.org/dons/